Sunday, February 14, 2010

Automated Spam Blog Comments, Spambots

Overnight, a blog that I manage got an automated "spam comment" from an organization purporting to raise money for children in Haiti.

The people who did this use "spambot" software which leaves comments on thousands or millions of blogs in one operation. Sunshine got one on a blog as well. I deleted the comment, of course. No legitimate organization would try to raise money by spamming other people's blogs.

Please don't get sucked in. Most of this spam is just self-promoting, but increasingly they want your credit card numbers, or worse.

If you visit a blog, ANY blog, and see a comment that has little or nothing to do with the blog content, please DO NOT CLICK a link in that comment, no matter how legitimate the link or the cause may seem. Just clicking the link might make you the victim of a drive-by virus infection with, potentially, the ability to quietly deliver all of the private information on your computer to people who would love to have it.

Be safe, Don

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